Currently building premium community super-apps for multiple niches, based in Tampere, Finland. More to come. First things first.

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Microsoft for Startups
Founders Hub Program

Pirkanmaan Yrittäjyysbuusti
Entrepreneurial Boost Program

Red Brick Accelerator
Pre-Accelerator Program
Winter 2022

Current Projects

Social Marketing Media for Makers, Fans and Businesses
Increase sales, engagement and fun globally!
Create account, brand, landing page, social connections. Exposition, Exposure, Exponent

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Personally helping every maker or maker wanna-be one-by-one
to help them make their mind up, focus on the next step towards success
team them up with other makers or marketers, online or via meetups. Unsweetened, Raw Truth & Healthy, Nutritious Next Step

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Premium social platform super-apps, bringing together the makers,
fans and businesses of any niche, to increase sales, engagement
and fun within the community. Since: TBD

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